How to improve Your organization using SaaS

| 24 January, 2017

One of the hottest topics in the SaaS industry right now is how to improve your organization using the SaaS technology as part of the global organization management strategy.

Today the SaaS technology matters for every employee in the organization thanks to the mobile technology any person using the SaaS whether he know or unaware for the SaaS.

Many organizations implement the SaaS service and optimized their business and the connection between the employees and managers.

The forecast shows that the SaaS market is expected to grow in the next years.
VP of Synel Mall Payway LTD. Mr. Erez Buganim, says that Synel MLL PayWay LTD, predicted the technological development and developed a SaaS workforce management system – Harmony Cloud.

Harmony Cloud from Synel provide a friendly and attractive time and attendance and using the Mobile application it become more attractive for SME or as complementary solution.

Using Harmony Cloud mobile application, the employee can edit and view his attendance reporting and even report for new projects or cost center.

The cloud management system from Synel allow managers view and confirm employees attendance and absence request and even let the manager to select the zone that the employee may report using the mobile GPS.

One of the important benefit of the Could workforce management is that all the reporting and requests done in real-time and therefore the reports are always updated with the latest and updates information.