How to save money by remote shutdown

| 03 February, 2016

A study published by Cornell University in the US tested the energy consumption of the existing different peripherals various organizations which included desktop computers, monitors (computer monitors),

scanners and printers. This study learned that LCD monitors consume 40% less energy than the old CRT screens, computers personal consume about 35% – 45% more energy each period of two years, and the conclusion peripherals accounts for 10% of energy consumption in the organization

Harmony computer Remote shutdown module will save your organization from $20 to $70 per stations every year by very simple action of shutdown of PCs for the employees that reported exit from the office.

Remote shutting down is one of the interesting Harmony modules that forcing employee’s computer shutdown and immediately all the open programs will be closed, including the computer windows – operating system.

The organization that will use this module immediately will reduce the organization maintenance service and that will save from $100 to $150 per stations every year.

Computer Shut Down

SYNEL Computer Shut Down Module