human resource talent management

| 24 August, 2017

Deputy CEO & VP, Business Development & Marketing. Mr. Erez Buganim, says that one of the greatest challenges of every HR (human resource) manager is implementing the employee’s talent and combine his talent to his job

from moment of hiring employees, training procedure, shift scheduling which they are entitled till the moment they leave the company.
This is the must series challenges that encourage the HR managers, for any company size small, medium and mostly in large companies that employ hundreds of workers – to invest significant resources in managing this essential operation. However, as in any field, even here it is possible to manage the employee’s talent.
Erez Buganim, COO and director of marketing and business development in SYNEL, says that HARMONY software from Synel Mll PayWay Ltd, is a modular system which made a revolution in the workforce management field, with a comprehensive solution under one roof one for any employer who wants it.
Erez Buganim said, “We have a unique solution in our activities – with the unique software called Harmony, that run on the cloud or at the client server, according to the customer’s whish, and it is also possible to managing the employee talent and adapting the employee to a job that suits his or her talent and skills. This platform deals with two major aspects in any organization, mostly in large organizations and companies, The Human Resources management.