Improve your workforce management

| 08 January, 2017

Mr. Erez Buganim, Synel International Marketing Vice President, said that at Synel

We look at the serious issues many organizations face as a result of poor workforce management system, and propose ways to resolve these.

Poor workforce management can cause many problems to any business size and type.

Using a poor workforce management system may ultimately lead to failures in of losing money and losing control in the organization.
Synel’s Harmony cloud we solved most of the problems that organizations face in employee’s time management, and illustrate their potential impact on your performance.

The benefits of working with Synel’s HARMONY Cloud workforce management:

1. avoid Payroll mistakes of Over and less payments because of reporting mistakes.

2. Payroll Employees: automatic procedure that demand less working hours in the payroll department.

3. improving the total Payroll Processing Time.

4. Absence management: tracking employees absence vacation, sick time, etc.

5. Labor Reporting: accurate time reporting reduce the overtime payment.

6. Payroll Inflation: Organizations often pay extra hours due to inaccuracy of an honor system.

7. Time card savings: Organizations no longer need to buy, fill out, ship, archive, and retrieve time cards. Virtually all companies save something; occasionally firms have significant savings.

8. Payroll Fees: Organizations usually receive reduced costs from outside agencies when they automate their time and labor management systems.