Integrated Visitors and Parking modules in Time and Attendance software

| 16 February, 2016

Must of the medium and large organizations looking for Visitor and car parking Management system.

Harmony the popular time and attendance from Synel Mll PayWay LTD.  Is the leading software that can do both time and attendance and access control at the same software and including a flexible Visitor Management System for managing and control the company visitors, and parking management systems in the organization.


The benefit of using Harmony for Time and attendance and Access control with visitors and Parking are:

  • Using one Data Base in the organization
  • Anyone in the organization that have the permission may send a visitor request with the date and time and parking permission with the car number
  • The system working in real on-line with a single database in the multi-client multi user Harmony software.
  • Synel Vehicle Access Control System is part of Harmony module, the system is a cost effective solution for small to large companies.