Lesson 19 – E-Harmony Web Interface

| 27 April, 2015

E-Harmony Web Interface

E-Harmony is an end-user Interface module that enables use of the organization’s Intranet, and provides accessibility to the system to all employees via the Internet (Explorer versions 6 and up) anywhere and at any time.

Using the WEB interface, you can report and manage employee attendance transactions, set up visits and define visitors to the system, as well as produce various Harmony reports. Accessibility to data is given at different levels, according to each employee’s position and authorization level.

The employee can view and update his/her reports, while the manager can view and approve the data of employees in predetermined levels.

E-Harmony features:

  • Ability to report attendance/jobs in real time from workstation
  • Changes can be made, and will be approved and entered into the database only after manager’s authorization
  • Ability to generate reports according to authorization levels (manager/employee)
  • Ability for data correction by user, including supervisor’s approval for changes made
  • Employee’s definition – new and updated
  • Option of producing an extra badge instead of a lost one
  • Various reports can be generated according to different needs, and can be generated in the form of PDF, Word and Excel files for viewing only or printing

The following modules are used to manage employee attendance using the Web interface.

Daily Reporting – Report the employee attendance or project.

Update – Manually edit and approve employee attendance transactions.

Employees – Define new employees and modify existing employee details.

Reports – Generate Attendance, Balance tracking and System reports.

Visitors – Set planned visits, including visitor details and visit details. In addition the Visitors module is used to get updated information of the visit status.
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