Lesson 20 – Face Terminals

| 15 July, 2015


Sy-Face terminals fully integrated with

Harmony software for Time & Attendance

and Access Control applications.


  • Accurate and Fast Identification
  • Contact less
  • Voice prompt
  • Suitable for indoor installation
  • High level security recognition
  • Synel PRX card reading
  • Door monitoringimage 01

Steps for Defining the Sy-face

  1. Terminal type
    image 02
  2. Card type

Set any card type with:
image 03

  1. Communication
  • IP Address (if there is no TCP/IP, define the ID instead)
  • Communication: for on-line IIS – set the server IP
    image 04


  1. Function Keys

At this screen the terminal features are fixed and can’t be changed: Employee name display and verify card.
image 05