Lesson 21 – Notifier Module

| 15 July, 2015

Notifier Module

The Notifier module is described in detail in chapter 17 of the Harmony Installation and Operation Manual


The Notifier module is applicable to all Harmony modules – Time & Attendance, Access Control, Job Costing and Web. It sends information and data alerts from within the Harmony system via SMS or email according to preset definitions. The alerts originate from data in the access control system dealing with exceptional and unusual events that occurred in the system. image 01

Figure1: Notifier Window

The data alerts can contain information on employee attendance according to the organization work rules, access control events, events from Job Costing and any other module, and even from external sources connected to Harmony, such as from a burglar alarm.

Notifier can be configured to send data at predefined intervals or when specific events occur.

The origin of the events to notify about are defined in the first setup tab as either Integrated with Access Control (Harmony) or Import External Event as described below


Time and Attendance Example:

Each morning, the department manager receives an email informing him of the employees who have not arrived at work by 10 AM. He also receives an email whenever one of his employees clock-in an exit instead of entry during the morning hours.

Access Control Example:

The Notifier can be set up to send SMS alerts to the Security Manager when there is a break in at one of the doors or other event. Another use of Notifier is to have a warning popup on the Guard screen whenever someone attempts to enter a door that he is not authorized to enter.