Lesson 31 – Payroll Symbol Method

| 17 August, 2015

Payroll Symbol Method

Under Source Table, choose the employee file. In this file there are two mandatory fields that must be included in the exported file: Payroll ID and Quantity. These fields must be dragged to the Export Record Format section.

The fields are virtual:

  • Numerator field – numbers the lines in the file
  • Const field – enables exporting different characters at different lengths

Payroll ID

This tab is used when the Numerator and Const fields are included.

  1. Mark the Yes/No check box to determine what payroll hour type will be exported.
  2. For each hour type, you enter the Payroll ID of your payroll software.
  3. Select a Field Type. The Field Type determines the data transmission format (quantity, hour, day). For breaks and transportation there is an additional format – Cost.

Figure 1: Payroll ID