Lesson 32 – Export Record Format

| 20 August, 2015

Export Record Format

  1. In order to define additional fields according to your requirements: after choosing the relevant file, you can drag the relevant fields to the Export Record Format section.
  2. For each field you can define the following parameters:

All details concerning each selected field are outlined here. You must mark the required field in the list, and then the field name will appear under the right-hand screen under Properties | Name. Some of the data will be updated automatically: Name, Column Number., Field Size

Alignment- Determines whether data will be aligned to the right or left inside the field.

Format- Designated only for fields containing date or time.

Merge Fields- Enables writing a formula to merge multiple fields to a single field.

The formula must be written according to the following guidelines:

  • Each section of the formula must be separated by a space.
  • All mathematical calculations are allowed.
  • Each payroll section must begin with the correct payroll prefix
    (P-Payroll, H-Time classification, E-Exception, B-Breaks) followed by the pay code.
  • Fields from the Employee table must begin with the EMP. prefix.

For example: ((P100 + P125 + P150 ) * 5) * emp.hourprice


Figure 19: Export Record Format