Organization computer shutdown

| 07 December, 2015

Harmony from Synel MLL PayWay can give your organization much more than others Time and Attendance software. With wide range of available modules, one of the most important module is the computers shutdown.
One of the benefits of Using Harmony as your organization Time and Attendance system is the Remote shutdown Across the Organization. This module will automatically shutdown the employee’s computers when they left the office and by that the computers will be protected from cyber-attack and will improve your organization security.

Harmony computers shutdown allow your IT manger to decide what security actions the system should automatically do when the employee’s reporting out at the time and attendance system.
This important module using the simple Time and Attendance daily actions such as:
• Reporting Out when leaving the office.
• Reporting IN when starting the working day.
The IT manger may decide to shutdown or logoff the employee computer when he swipe out, and blocking the employee login if he didn’t swipe IN.

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