Organization power saving

| 29 November, 2015

Power saving – computers power management is an effective energy saving in your organization.

Computer Remote shutdown management will save your organization from $20 to $70 per stations every year by very simple action of shutdown of PCs that aren’t in use.

Synel time and attendance and access control software called Harmony that build as a modular software with many useful modules, one of the important modules is the computers shut down.
This module will turn off the organization employee’s computers when they will leave the office and confirm by reporting at the Access control or Time and attendance terminal.
The computers shut down module may also block the employee from log-in to his computer if he didn’t report “Entrance” at the time and attendance device.
computers shut powerful module allow the IT manager to control the organization computer stations and decide what actions to do when the employee leave the office and reported by swiping his badge, the actions the IT can take are: log-off or shut down, in the other hand the IT manager may decide what actions to do when the employee back to the office.
This simple action will save your organization power for the rest of the day you’re your employees out from the office.

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