Payroll Seminar

| 05 January, 2016

Payroll Seminar- for CFO’s HR and Payroll managers.
As part of the marketing plan to hold salary seminars every month for payroll managers, CFOs and HR managers, Synel held a seminar last March at the Dan Carmel, Haifa.

The seminar began with CPA David Ben-Heroya discussing the latest changes in the Israeli national insurance and income tax deductions, a negative income tax, tax adjustments upgrade online, 101 form the new Social Security Act (

Online Employer Report), calculating the compensation reserve, exemption of passive income from premiums, determining residency visa for a retroactive / 2 and A / 4 and more.

After a lunch break in the hotel, the day was closed  by Mr. Miki Ben-Dov who specializes in labor law. In this lecture we discussed the issues raised mainly in applications of the Hours of Work and Rest, attendance systems and raising the minimum wage – legislation that will become effective with effect from 04.01.2015.