Projects and Cost Center module

| 28 June, 2016

Project and cost center management that using the employee’s time reporting efficient toll for any organization. Harmony from Synel is a modular Workforce management software with many useful efficient modules for management. Harmony Project and Cost Center module collect the employees working hours according to the center and project they reported, including overtime according to the cost center where the work has worked, and when employees moved from one cost center to another. Harmony Cost Center Management is a flexible system that can diagnosis cost center by: 1. According to the terminal cost center number. 2. Or by employee cost center reporting. Using Harmony cost center let the management control and follow-up on shop floor activity.

  • Real time cost center working time by employee and by department.
  • Cost center reporting.
  • Follow-up reports for tasks time reporting.
  • Comparison of overtime worked vs. task reporting
  • Export of files to excel for further analysis
  • Transfer to external systems and payroll by reporting codes.
  • Export files to Excel in order to further analyzes
  • Transfer to external systems and reporting codes according wages

To learn more about HARMONY Cost Center Management module for various size organization. cost center reports   cost center report