SAAS mobile access control solution.

| 24 July, 2016

Smartphone mobile devices are increasingly being used by organizations and are becoming preferred devices for web browsing, e-mailing, corporate data access, social networking, and applications. Today many employees using their mobile for emails and organization application.

Synel MLL Payway LTD has developed a workface SAAS solution for any organization type and size. Harmony cloud from Synel is an integrated system with many useful modules for employees Time and Attendance, shift work schedule and Access Control.

Synel presented the first Access Control SAAS solution that allow employees using the mobile technology for access control. Synel mobile application allow employees view and open doors and gates by using the Mobile GEO location. The application tracking the employee location and view the gates and door in the area, the application working in  online with Harmony server and check the employee permission in real-time.

Harmony Access Control module:

Harmony access control is part of the “all under one roof” solution that let guards and security managers controlling the organization entrance and employees permissions.

  • Doors permissions limited by security groups permission.
  • Visitors management
  • Doors alerts
  • Live events display and alert
  • Notifications on alerts via e-mail
  • Alarm’s events and alerts
  • Parking Management

Smartphone access control

Harmony Smart Application presenting to the Mobile user his present permission and allow the user to open the doors and gates by pressing open door button.

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