SAAS and mobile app for time and attendance

| 26 July, 2016

SAAS (software as a service) and mobile application become very popular.

Mobile devices and SaaS services are regularly being used by employees and consumers and becoming the preferred solutions for daily activity and business.

The analysts forecast that the global SaaS and mobile application market will grow in the next years.
Synel MLL PayWay LTD has developed SaaS workforce management that provide the attractive attendance app as a simple to use application for SME or as complementary solution together with many other available attendance module.

Synel time and attendance application designed for variety of actions and tools for any employee that prefer reporting anywhere any time.

Using Syntel’s Attendance SaaS and mobile application the employee can edit and view his attendance reporting and even report for new projects or cost center.

Using Synel SaaS management solution allow managers check and confirm employees attendance request and even block them using GPS location and by that confirm that the employee reporting attendance when he near the office or in specific location.

Managers may also report attendance using the application for group of employees, specially designed for construction managers.

Harmony Smart is a time and Attendance mobile application developed for attendance reporting for field workers moving between sites, drivers that can’t report attendance at the office and any kind of employee that reporting out of the office.

The reporting is done in real-time and performed by the employee smart phone or tablet and updating Harmony server for any action the employee reported.

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