Save money with Cloud Workforce system

| 18 August, 2016

The cloud technology has made a revolution in the small to medium businesses, by offering access to a powerful systems that only big organization can afford, and all of that by using any Web browser.

Today small companies can access a powerful workforce management services and pay only for what they used on monthly basis.

Synel launched Harmony Cloud for SME, the leading software that runs at big organization available for any kind and any business size

Synel special offer with attractive price and one month for free.

Harmony Cloud services can help small to medium businesses, save money by reducing the cost of:

  • IT, server and maintenance.
  • Software licensing and upgrade expenses.
  • No need to hire or pay for time and attendance account manager.
  • No need to back up the employee’s attendance data.
  • No need to take care for security

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