Secured internet time and attendance terminal

| 16 May, 2017

Every day millions of businesses around the world are in high risk for hacker and ransom payment. many cyberattacks worldwide were against businesses.

While most of the business around the world protecting their in-house network and computers they do not know that the data that goes through the internet line is not protected and can tracked and hacked easily.

Synel is the leading of workforce management system protected their internet devices (Synergy ans SY-Cloud terminals) and develop a security protocol (IEEE 802.1X) in the terminal communication protocol

By using a unique ID authentication key Synel protecting the internet terminals and communication from hacking and data theft, Synel secured protocol check the terminal certificate that issued by the authentication server before starting the communication session and open the port to the network.

The authentication in use by the Synel terminals for every session that goes through the internet line and by that preventing cyber-attack.

Synel secured protocol:

1. Prevents network intrusions by using the terminal network cable.

2. Enable separate VLAN to the terminals.

3. Eliminates the need for security management according to the MAC address (quick and easy maintenance).

4. Suitable for organizations who require high network security like banks, financial institutions, and other security agencies.

In addition, the IEEE 802.1X protocol, biometric time clock SYNERGY already support more secure protocols such as https and SSH.

Computer Shut Down

SYNEL Computer Shut Down Module