Secured workforce management

| 17 July, 2016

The security Harmony module from Synel and the computers shutdown system improve the workforce management by using the basic data reporting to manage employee workstations.

Harmony from Synel has many useful modules for improving the organization’s security by using the basic Time and Attendance online reporting for remote station shutdown across the organization. This module tracks employee entrance and exit reporting and automatically shuts-down employee computers when they have left the office thus protecting computers from cyber-attacks and improving organization’s security.

Harmony computers shutdown manager will be able to set the stations that will automatically shut-down or logged-off.

Harmony security module detects employee online reporting and may act in either of two ways:

When employee reports exit:

  • Harmony may shutdown the employee station
  • Harmony may log-off the employee station

When employee reports entrance:

  • Harmony allows the employee to turn-off his station
  • Harmony allows the employee to log-in to his station


Harmony manger may decide which security action to choose for each employee.