Convert your Smart Phone into a Smart Solution

| 13 April, 2016

Convert your Smart Phone or Tablet into a Smart Solution

Get your User friendly Smart Application for Reporting In or Out, Booking Vacations, or Managing Important Employee Data and Information

The Smart Phone App Works Online with the Harmony Software

  • Encourage healthy working habits
  • Make better choices and decisions
  • Embrace your advancing technology
  • Allow your employees more flexibility
  • Receive accurate data and information
  • Become a stronger leader in your region
  • Save on all your resources, day after day!


Main Menu

    • Access different levels of the organization for management
    • Control  terminals the same as Smart Phone or Tablet via Harmony
    • Flexible reporting options and various system privileges, depending on the user profile
    • Absence Booking with/without Manager approval for vacation days, sick days, and personal days
    • Functionality and flexibility in personalizing the App Icons and multiple reporting functions
    • Capture a photo to be saved in the Employee file


Employee Photo & Location

  • Real time reporting and updates
  • Time and location stamps per employee
  • Multimedia photo and employee name display
  • Employee Photo & Location Can be saved as additional data to the swipe
  • Locate the closest available and respond quickly, good for on call duty and work in the field
  • Employees can accurately view any of their time reports, amount of hours, displayed with details on In, Out, errors and absence reason



Real Time Reporting


  • Regional based reporting
  • GPS location via your mobile
  • Limit employees from reporting at a particular area by satellite, including the possible deviation (Limitation reported by Location)
  • Configure each report to be saved along with the image of the reported worker and their displayed location on the integrated Google Earth map
  • Employee can accurately view any of their time reports, amount of hours, absences reasons
  • Receive the benefits of using your SmartPhone on the job






Friendly Reporting

  • Easy access to monthly data and reports
  • Manage the employee functions per work group
  • Employee can report on their location/ project/ job via their Smart Phone
  • Trust your employees to provide you with accurate and up to date information
  • Application is supported by Android and iPhone devices






  • Take your business to the next level
  • Easy access to monthly data and reports
  • User-friendly interface and intuitive design
  • Increase your clientele base and monthly profits
  • Save on time, energy, and valuable resources
  • Receive accurate information and make better decisions
  • Get up to date information and respond quickly to events and alerts
  • Become a stronger leader in your region and achieve greater success