Sy-Cloud Time and attendance benefits

| 14 May, 2017

Analyzing employees cloud service and daily activities show that almost 93% of the employees are using any type of cloud solution.

Thanks to the cloud technology the Workforce management SAAS solution that using the internet network become the latest improvement and the best solution for small to medium companies.

Time and attendance cloud benefits for SME are:

Costs effective:

  • Workforce desktop software and service are very expensive. While cloud systems you pay per use.
  • The cloud payout is per month for the number of employees that reported in the cloud.
  • No need of fast Servers or network
  • Not required for IT maintenance and other cost when keeping the server in house.
  • No extra cost for storage and backup that done by professionals.

Cloud solution available anytime, anywhere, all you need to have Internet.


handle by the best security professionals.

VP of Synel Mall Payway LTD. Mr. Erez Buganim, says that HARMONY Cloud and with SY-Cloud the time and attendance terminal, are the complete tailor made solution for SME that would like to start working in the cloud. Synel Cloud solution the advanced online employee’s workforce management.

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