Sy-Face SY100

| 28 September, 2016

SY-110 – offline face recognition terminal from Synel Mll Payway LTD.

The SY-110 is a quick and simple installation access control device, this terminal is a fully stand-alone device with a quick setup manual and fast installation procedure.

The SY-110 controlling single door for door control with face recognition.

The terminal may also accept proximity cards verification or Face recognition

the available verification modes:

  • ID  and  Pin:  Use  ID  and  password  sequentially  as  a  verification method.
  • ID  and  Face:  Use  ID  and  face  sequentially  as  a  verification method.
  • Card  and  Face:  Use card and  face  sequentially  as a verification method.
  • Card: Use card as a verification method.

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The Sy-110 is an access control terminal that uses face recognition technology for employees identification and door access. Access doors in the simple way by simply look at the device and within seconds the door will be open.