SY Terminal

| 01 November, 2015

Synel MLL PayWay – SY terminal recording the employee’s clock-in & clock-out records

SY terminal support wide range of readers such as:

  • EM & HID Prox™, HID iClass™, DesFire™, MiFare™ Card technology.
  • Fingerprint Biometric,
  • Card + PIN, PIN & Biometrics.

SY terminal can be Easley programmed by any Synel software, the terminal functionality is very flexible and user friendly the terminal can work as an in depended – off-line terminal or real time on-line

The terminal available communication:

  • Ethernet 10/100Mb.
  • Power over Ethernet options available
  • Internet HTTP/ HTTPS

The terminal backed up by internal batteries

  • Backup using Li-Ion technology
  • Local Fail-Safe Storage for power and/or communications loss.

The terminal memory capacity is very big and depend at the SD card of 4G, the terminal can store employee’s details for almost unlimited number of employees.

Sy terminal, SYnergy is a Linux-based fingerprint biometric terminal, with TFT graphic color screen

The terminal designed for Time & Attendance and Access Control applications, with compact in size, attractively designed

The SY terminal, Synergy include:

  • Built in camera that can capture pictures as required, for example sites that demand saving picture of failure swipe or rejection for security.

Internal speaker for generating various sound effects such as accepted message, alert notifications, confirmation or rejection voice and other actions and events indications.