Synel Face Recognition terminals

| 04 January, 2017

Mr. Erez Buganim, Synel International Marketing Vice President, said that Synel MLL PayWay LTD. The leading manufacture and developer in the workforce management market and the leading in the Face recognition solutions.

Synel’s SY-Face, is an embedded face recognition solution with a “Dual Sensor” Face Recognition Algorithm.

Synel SY-Face terminals are applicable for time attendance and access control applications.

The SY-Face are touch-free alternative to the fingerprint technology that doesn’t require badges, the employee should only look at the device camera for less then a second he will be identified.

Synel’s SY-Face terminals:

SY-110 SY-110 face for access controlStand-alone device.

Verification modes:

  • ID  and  Pin:  Use  ID  and  password  sequentially  as  a  verification method.
  • ID  and  Face:  Use  ID  and  face  sequentially  as  a  verification method.
  • Card  and  Face:  Use card and  face  sequentially  as a verification method.
  • Card: Use card as a verification method.:

SY-110 control the door with an internal relay connection type NC/NO/COM

SY_910_Smaller_Pic_2 SY-910 for access control or Time and Attendance.
• Fast and accurate identification.
• Hygienic – Facial recognition technology is the only biometric technology that does not require any contact with the device for identification process.
• The algorithm is suitable for all types of faces. Only 0.0001% of the population cannot use this technology.
• Response time – less than a second