Synel has successfully implemented an integrated system to manage the workforce and biometric attendance terminals at SolarEdge

| 10 July, 2018

Synel successfully implemented an integrative solution that includes a workforce management system and biometric attendance terminals at SolarEdge which develops and manufactures a system for optimization and monitoring of solar energy. The implementation project which lasted about five months ended in March 2018. The Harmony workforce management system installed at SolarEdge includes payroll software, attendance management software, human resource module and digital 101 forms.

Synel’s workforce management solution enables you to fully manage your payroll calculations, generate pay slips, manage employee attendance data in the organization, and transfer them to payroll processing. The human resources module includes components such as a personal information file for each employee, course management, information management and personal events. The option to fill out and manage the 101 forms for employees has been added to the system. Another component of the software version that helps manage all of SolarEdge’s employees is a task reporting module.

Erez Buganim, Deputy CEO Synel, said: “We are proud to have joined SolarEdge in our list of customers. SolarEdge’s management has made a wise decision to combine all the workforce systems and transition from working with several suppliers to work in one easy-to-use integrated system. Synel’s integrated system provides an end-to-end solution managed by a single vendor backed by up-to-date technology, experienced staff, available customer service and long-standing expertise in workforce management and attendance. Prior to implementing Synel’s solutions, SolarEdge worked with a number of suppliers in the field of workforce management and attendance , using simple systems that did not meet their unique needs”.

Buganim continued: “Among other things, SolarEdge was looking for systems that would suit the growth in the number of employees in the organization and the system’s ability to deal with aspects such as salary calculations that take into account employee option laws and other aspects related to the company being traded on NASDAQ”.

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