Synel Smartphone solution

| 27 July, 2017

In the resent years most of the internet activities done by using the Smartphone. At Synel in the resent years many clients start working with Harmony Smart, the advanced SYNEL‘s technology thanks to our Cloud and Smartphone solutions.

Mr. Erez Buganim, Synel Deputy CEO & VP, Business Development & Marketing, said that over the past years most of our new clients have chosen SYNEL‘s thanks to the Cloud and Smartphone solutions.

The advantages Synel’s Harmony Smart – the mobile Time and Attendance application:

  • Employees reporting online to the system
  • Employees editing the monthly reporting.
  • Online absence request and reporting.
  • Using Google Geo location when reporting attendance.
  • Access door or barrier using the App
  • User friendly Smartphone Application



Time & attendance and Access Control Application Reporting is performed via smartphone or tablet and interfaces directly and fully to SYNEL’s HARMONY system.

System Advantages :

  • Reporting includes employee’s photo and location;
  • Various reporting options;
  • Absence request;
  • Flexible planning;
  • Access Control management;

Available for Apple and Android devices.