Synel will replace Israel ministries terminals; Purchase Agreement: 2.5 million ils

| 29 December, 2015

Synel won the tender of the Israely ministry and will replace 3000 terminals
“This is a smart terminal that functions as a personal computer in every aspect, with the Linux operating system running, enables reporting, monitoring and communication with employees,” said Erez Buganim, VP Business Development Company

Synel Mll Payway LTD won a tender held by the Ministry of Finance to replace the current time and attendance terminals at the entire ministries and government offices. Synel will replace the existing government offices terminals, 3,000 in number, that installed by the previous concessionaire – “Real time” company. The financial scope of the tender estimated at $ 2.5 million ils.

The tender is for a three-years, each ministry that will replace the old time and attendance systems and install the new systems by Synel.

Erez Buganim, Syntel’s VP Business Development, said that the terminals being installed are Synergy and the communication software – SY Bridge, developed in Israel. “the government offices time and attendance system that runs at “Merkava” platform and interfacing SAP system,” he said. “The unique solution we have proposed to the government is the interfacing to SAP, and thus become completely transparent to users and not demanding them learn and manage new work-space “.

Buganim explained that “this is a smart terminal that functions as a personal computer in every aspect, with the Linux operating system running. It is equipped with a built-in camera or a speaker, enabling reporting, monitoring and communication with employees.” However, he estimated that government ministries will not use the camera. Mr. Buganim said that employee’s interaction with the smart terminal will be with the “proximity” technique – so the employee does not have to physically insert the card.

“The interface of the entire system is completely Web based, enabling administrators to communicate with the terminals from anywhere via the Internet,” said Buganim. “The reporting is done directly to SAP’s payroll systems for accurate data reports.”

Synel Mll Payway LTD, together with its subsidiaries, developing and manufacturing attendance systems for data collection and management, including employee attendance systems and access control systems, biometric identification such as fingerprints and facial recognition. The company ended the first quarter of 2014 with a profit of 3.488 million compared to 2.38 million last year. It should be noted that Synel is in foreign markets through marketing channels, in addition to its real estate activity, which constitutes about 40% of the Company’s operations.