Synergy application

| 26 January, 2017

Synergy application may build by using the Sy-Bridge friendly interface or by developing application written in Java using Java 8.

Synel provides a user friendly software – Sy-Bridge that allow user editing and build an application, the Sy-Bridge save the application as a XML format file and send it to the terminal, the Sy-Bridge also allow the user to manage the communication with the terminal in on-line or offline, the implamentation with Sy-Bridge is very simple and save time, the system designed as a flexible system.

For those that would like to develop and build their own application Synel provide demo application and APIs written in Java. The source code well documented. Using the MVC application the developer may program the complete application according to the company requierments.

The Java application run also on a desktop PC and allow developing at a desktop PC.

In the end the project build as a jar files which are then copied to the Synergy terminal. A

synergy app