Synergy Biometric attendance terminal

| 15 October, 2015

Synergy terminal designed for Biometric attendance system in on-line communication, by using the internet technology called Web service communication method the Synergy terminal running in permanent communication with the server, by asking for updated information and loading the employees card swipe data in real time.

The Synergy terminal is fully applicable by Synel software such as Harmony and Sy-Bridge, the terminal will update his application by connecting to the net and open communication session with the On-Line software

In the other hand Synergy terminal designed also for off-line for our distributor that prefer updating the terminal application once and get the data every few days.

Synergy terminal is the attractive Biometric attendance system for any requirements, the terminal can run as a full off-line device that runs via the flash memory disk or fully on-line against the server and compatible software (such as Harmony and Synergy)

This type of terminal is very simple and friendly for software house that looking for hardware, with variety development tools for any type of software house

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