Synergy improvements

| 21 May, 2017

Mr. Erez Buganim, Synel International Marketing Vice President, said that After months of hard work, we are delighted to inform the new Synergy firmware release.

Our goal with this new Synergy firmware is to provide a simple and easier upgrading.

Synel developed some modules and feature that answer our partner’s request as a services and solutions and to answer a new potential client’s requirement.

Amongst the new features the new firmware contains Synel solved some of the old known features that didn’t work well and improve the terminal performance and improved communication with Synel software’s.

For any questions, feedback or firmware request please E-mail us.

Firmware version notes:


  1. Two algorithms have been added for card reading in wiegand from an external reader:
  • 26_8_i and 34_10_i, which are equivalent with internal reader algorithms.
  • Improved reading of Mifare/Desfire. Reader reads last 32 bytes (instead of 32 first bytes). Solved problem of reading cards as identical in cards with more than 32 bytes.


1. DOK: When attempting to copy files from terminal to DOK and visa versa, it is possible to access also sub-folder under the root folder by clicking # and place cursor on file/folder + Enter on file/folder to copy. Click ESC to exit.

2. Terminal hardware component time is updated when web service sends time setting to terminal (previously only operating system was updated).

Solved Problem:

Multiple step reporting: when attempting to correct an erroneous next step, keyed-in info was erroneously fed to the 1st step of reporting instead of the step to be corrected.


Information unique to this specific upgrade:

  • It is possible to upgrade SYnergy/A terminals from any version.
  • SD card becomes redundant as of this version, therefore it may be removed once upgrade has been performed (turn-off terminal first).
  • Upgrade retains fingerprints, data, backup folders (if exist).
  • Once finished, all setup actions performed on new terminals must be performed: updating date and time, initialize and programming.

SYNERGY advanced time and attendance terminals