Synergy advanced online web terminal

| 27 June, 2016

SYNERGY the advanced time and attendance terminals from Synel Mll Payway LTD. Biometric fingerprint for Time and Attendance terminal, with many technological features, and 3.5 inches graphical color LCD screen. The terminal developed at the reliable Linux operating system.

Synergy designed for on-line internet web communication, and use the internet Web service technology HTTP/HTTPS protocols.

Synergy compatible with entire Synel software:

  • Harmony- the leading Workforce management modular software read more about Harmony
  • Sy-Bridge – Online Communication software from Synel that cover all the available communication type (TCP/HTTP/GPRS/Modem and more) read more about Sy-Bridge

Synergy is a programmable terminal with basic application that can edit using the Sy-Bridge with flexible functionality or programmed by Synel software’s, the terminal may be programmed for online or off-line.

Synergy developed for any clients requirements and designed for simple and fast implementation for our distributor that prefer updating the terminal application from their software.

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