The Advantages of a Biometric Identification Management System

| 22 December, 2016

Mr. Erez Buganim, Synel International Marketing Vice President, said that in the recent years many companies updating the attendance and access terminals to biometric identification technology and save lots of money, time, and resources and increase security

The advantages of using identification technology:

Accurate Identification

The biometric fingerprint terminal and Face recognition identify the employee with a unique and accurate identification. That cannot be duplicated.

Easy and Safe for Use

The biometrics terminals designed for easy and friendly setup and user daily activity operation.

Time Saving

Face recognition and fingerprint identification terminals are extremely quick, the identification may take one second. A person can be identified or rejected in a matter of seconds.


The most important advantage of the biometric systems have is that they can’t be duplicated or stolen, not as the old reporting technology that can be easily stolen or lost.


The biometric technology is much more convenient solution because the user doesn’t have to remember passwords, or carry extra badges, documents, or ID cards.