The advantages of SY-Bridge. Synel online software

| 28 June, 2017

The communication server software SY-Bridge enables the employee management system to operate in real-time mode.

Thus there is no need to update all terminals and controllers with each and every change. In addition, the number of system users is unlimited. This in fact limits the database and not the terminal. This feature is useful for:

The main advantages of the system are:

• Centralized system checks (APB, counters, etc.)

• Real-time applications in an easy way, central database is updated immediately

• Transaction data is available immediately with no data collection required

• Real time mode greatly reduces human factor errors


SY-Bridge is written in .Net technology and works with latest Framework versions. It can run on a 32 or 64 bit operating system. This technology enables simultaneous programming of multiple terminals which saves time and minimizes system idle time. With SY-Bridge installed all system programming takes a few minutes only.

SY-Bridge is technologically updated but still supports older technologies such as: .net, Dll, com, Dcom, & ActiveX

This makes writing customized DLL much easier with a new and lighter interaction format.

In addition, the new system provides more detailed debugging tools and LOG files, which makes system analysis much easier and faster.

The .NET type service mode is stable and enables maintaining the system while the service is

running. Simultaneously the service is being backed-up by the internal watchdog engine.

Finally, since SY-Bridge combines internal support of many SYncomm features, it may replace it, enabling the user to only work with one communication application.