The advantages of Synel’s online solutions

| 30 January, 2018

Mr. Erez Buganim, Synel Deputy CEO, said “Synel MLL Pay Way, on – line solution enables the managers and employees in the organization to operate and facilitate their activities in real-time”. In other words, there is no need to update all terminals and controllers with every actions done at the terminal or any other reporting methods such as  smartphone & Web reporting,  thanks to the special technology of Synel which is using the internet environment, there is an unlimited number of users and hardware devices in the system.

Harmony software from Synel centralize and combine on one data base the entire activities of the organization.

The advantages of the online system are:

  • Centralized system checks (APB, counters, etc).
  • Real-time applications in an easy way, central database is updated immediately.
  • Transaction reporting available immediately.
  • Real time mode greatly reduces human mistakes.
  • System analysis is made much easier.