the benefits of Biometric terminal

| 20 December, 2016

Today many companies looking for better workforce management solutions for accurate and reliable employees time management. In this search.

The biometrics technology leading to a new generation of employee’s time management. Thanks to the new security and constitution

As a secure alternative to paper time cards and spreadsheets, a biometric time clock is more than just a wave of the future. Its use of fingerprint recognition is one of the most prevalent forms of this innovative technology. In its simplest form, the scanner reads each employee’s unique fingerprint whenever it is time to clock in or out.

Benefits of the Biometric Fingerprint terminal

Individual tracking: detect a person based on their individual fingerprint template.

Accurate: templates cannot be duplicated. managers can be confident that they are tracking each employee’s time and attendance accurately.

Buddy punching: Prevent buddy punching that is illegal..

Eliminates time theft: accurate employees time management prevent losing tremendous amounts of work hours every year.

Extra time: employee feel better for the extra time they worked thanks to the the biometric time recording.

Profits: Raise the company profits by raising productivity rates. Prevent lose of money because of poor tracking and practices.

Integration: Integrate with HR and Pay-roll systems.


Mr. Erez Buganim, Synel International Marketing Vice President, said that “SYNEL happy as a senior leading terminals manufacturer, has identified a trend in the field Biometric and was the world’s first manufacturers to produce biometric terminals. We veru happy that Infor chosen Synergy terminal to be the main time and attendance terminal in their HR software”


  • Linux-based fingerprint for Time & Attendance and Door Access.
  • Built in camera and a speaker.
  • Expanded memory
  • Up to 3,000 or 10,000 templates

SYNERGY advanced time and attendance terminals