The benefits of HARMONY Cloud

| 12 February, 2017

When considering the direct and indirect benefits of Cloud Workforce management systems, there some few things that anyone that searching for Time and attendance should know about the cloud solution:

  • The cloud technology offering access to a powerful workforce management system that Small and Medium business could not afford in the past.
  • Managers and employees may access the Cloud time and Workforce system using a Web browser, view and editing the attendance reports or project management.
  • Reduce the company budget and pay monthly for the employees that reported and worked in the system.
  • Reducing the indirect cost of: IT, server, software and OS license and all other system the required for desktop software.
  • Using the cloud is very simple and friendly and doesn’t require hire professional employee to work with the software.

VP of Synel Mall Payway LTD. Mr. Erez Buganim, says that the Harmony “Cloud” is the ideal solution for small to medium clients that let the client working with the powerful workforce management system that he could not afford in the past.