the benefits of mobile attendance application

| 11 June, 2017

Today, the market for mobile devices is one of the fastest growing and developing markets. Due to the increase in the use of mobile devices today, most of the workers in the market use any mobile device.

Google and Facebook reported that most of the searches and referrals to Web sites were made via some mobile devices.

Harmony Smart from Synel Mll PayWay Ltd, is an on-line application for employee’s time management including:

  • Time and attendance reporting,
  • On site Cost center reporting
  • Previous period view and confirmation.
  • Manager may view location of the employee reporting.
  • Absence reporting.

Syntel’s Harmony Smart is a simple and user friendly application that available at Google Play and Apple store

The Smart application reporting the Employee attendance and cost center reporting to the Harmony server in real time while the Employee reporting in the app.

Mr. Erez Buganim, Synel International Marketing Vice President, said that Harmony Smart application improving the organization that could not report attendance for employees that working out of the office.

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