The best Time and Attendance cloud Systems

| 04 May, 2016

The best Time and Attendance solutions for Small Business

At Synel we learned that every client and businesses is unique and have different time and attendance needs. Over the past years we installed thousands of time and attendance systems over the world and learned the market requirements and developed the best solution for a variety of business types.

Harmony Cloud and Smartphone solutions:


Friendly easy to use

  • Internet platform
  • On-line data reporting, view.

System Advantages:

  • Employees view and edit attendance reporting.
  • Managers view and confirm employee’s attendance / absence.
  • On-line reporting.

Employees and Manager email alerts for end of period attendance confirmation.

Harmony cloud


The only smart phone application for Time & attendance and Access Control.

  • Attendance terminal emulation in your smartphone.
  • Daily attendance reporting for wide attendance functions such as: In/Out, Break In / Out. Job costing.
  • Access control – open the gate / door / turnstile.
  • On-line reporting confirmation, anywhere anytime
  • Smartphone or Tablet compatible
  • Reporting to the organization time and attendance HARMONY system.

System Advantages:

  • Employees may report from any location.
  • Manager may limit the reporting zone.
  • Reporting on-line with employee GEO location.
  • Absence reporting.
  • Access Control to open the gate for drivers and even Doors or Turnstile.

Available at Apple and Android markets.