the future of workforce management

| 15 January, 2017

According to Eversheds and Winmark HR 2020 report, it seams that HR will demand more flexible, diverse and skilled workforce. And that employees will have climb in priority.

Miss Susan Van Montfoort, Winmark Senior Research Director, said that In 2020 the “war for talent”, will be more prevalent than ever and HR will have to use all the tools at its disposal.


“To attract and retain highly skilled staff, HR will need to use all the instruments at its disposal.”

“Some will resort to offering greater incentives and benefits, while others may compete by having an inclusive culture, improving work-life balance, and by expressing a purpose that employees want to contribute to.”

Mr. Erez Buganim, Synel International Marketing Vice President, said that at Synel

Mll Payway Ltd. With the experience of more than 30 years’ in workforce management solution, become the world leader in the development and production of workforce systems and solutions for HR management. Synel presenting HARMONY cloud system as the next generation of HR management system, the unique software that includes solutions in many areas such as:


Internet remote uploading, feeding, control and viewing attendance data. System Advantages:

Harmony Smart

Time and Attendance application available for Android and ISO (apple) smartphone. Allow employees reporting attendance using GPS location.