The right Absence Management system

| 23 March, 2016

What is the right Absence Management system? Choosing the right absence management system has never been more important than it is today, for employers and the organization management. This days the law in many countries demand the employers keep the employees’ rights, for example, Medical and Family Leave, the law in few countries even require saving the time tracking and employee’s absence for many years, and every few month a new law came up and protect the employee rights. What make it more important is for organization with multiple geographies sites that must be responsible for complying with other countries leave regulations. Synel MLL PayWay the leading company in the field of Work Force Management with over 20 years of software and hardware development experience. SYNEL’s HARMONY workforce management systems tracking employees working time, employees time scheduling and employees, one of the important feature is the employee’s absence management, this module let the employees and their managers control and optimize the absence request, Harmony is a modular software that connecting many other modules such as cloud solutions and mobile application or the basic Time and Attendance terminal to the employee absence reporting.