Time and Attendance important features

| 22 March, 2016

What are the most important features for Time and Attendance Software?

What features time & attendance software should have?

Time tracking terminal This is the most basic and important feature that Time and attendance software should have. In most of the organization employees should clock in and out and other functions at the terminal that should be available for all employees. There are different type of inputs such as contactless or magnetic card readers, Fingerprint and even Face recognition reader. Other important feature is the automated Keys scheduling (automatic switch to Enter and Exit), and there are many other features such as: Break, absence, meals management and more.
Absence management Time and Attendance software most allow Employees and managers tracking and plan absence days such as: sick, vacation, holidays or not paid time.
Mobile application Recently mobile application become very popular for companies whose employees reporting out of the office, using mobile application allow the employee to clock in and out wherever they are. Very important feature is using the GPS tracking that let the manager control and view the out of the office reporting.
Employees total working management Very important feature in Time and Attendance software is tracking and compare the employees total time with the actual time they worked. Managers should also be able to view and inform employee for the missing or overtime worked.