Time and attendance Management Software

| 27 December, 2015

Time and attendance Management Software from Synel MLL PayWay LTD. developed in order to let the software users facilitating, monitoring and controlling Synel terminals. This software let the user controlling, editing the terminals project and controlling the employee’s permission in each terminal and device.

As easy as could be the software managing the terminals as a single terminal or group of terminals.
Time and attendance Management Software supports various types of communication technologies such as:
• RS-232/485,
• Dial-up Modem,
• Wi-Fi ,

For all Synel’s terminals range:
• SY-7xx ,
• SYnergy ,
• SY-920/940 (Face-ID).

Time and attendance Management Software designed for small, medium and large organizations using the latest Microsoft technology with multiple communication service including:
• Run as a communication server for entire Synel terminals
• TCP, local and modem Built-in scheduler for routine operations
• Local communication continuous polling
• Fingerprint template management.
• Run your own DLL or web service to adapt it to your application and database.
• Built-in features to detect malfunctions, detection of communication failure, and alert initiation.
• By running on TCP/IP, the server can easilybe installed on a variety of networks.
• A fast communication application for interactive operation between terminals and a database.
• Transfers failure messages/alerts via the standard Windows Log Event interface.