Time and Attendance solution

| 13 July, 2016

Time and Attendance Systems should include the following features:

  • Communication with Attendance hardware.
  • Server and client installation – including backup and security.
  • Employee attendance report, edit and confirm.
  • Managers approve or deny, Employees updating request.
  • Data transfer, as individual Employees data or by department/branch.

SYNEL a world leader in the development and production of workforce management systems has developed Harmony the Time and Attendance software with many powerful modules for any organization size and type. Harmony attendance module allow employees reporting the attendance data by using:

  • Attendance terminal, the terminal can work as an on-line that report and check the server for any data request or as an off-line that the data will be stored by the terminal and will load to the software as required.
  • Web screen that allow the users to report from any web browser anywhere.
  • Mobile application – this solution is for Employees that are not in house worker, for example driver and other services
  • Telephone reporting – for organizations with many small offices

SYNEL launched a new Harmony payment method to her distributors l over the world. From today Synel’s distributors may offer clients purchasing Harmony improved payment terms – 36 payments within 3 years.