Challenges for tracking employee attendance area

| 11 April, 2016

What are the challenges and the solution for tracking employee attendance area?

At the Fast business world of today, tracking a successful organizational behavior encourages certain layers of safety, security and service. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance.

The way company manages its employees and its customers impacts on levels of safety and security, especially in open spaces which can-not be monitored using access control conventional such as Controllers entry doors or in tight spaces where it is not possible to monitor a large number of people at the same time, cases reporting software presence smartphone app can solve. Construction sites, large engineering facilities, mining or transport companies, are examples where monitoring of manpower is crucial, and like any organization organized tracking employee attendance is necessary for various reasons.

Increased responsibility

Maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction is a basic factor for a profitable business. Companies should ensure that workers have a higher level of service to their customers and respond to their needs. Construction sites, large engineering facilities, mining and transport companies, for example, would benefit from tracking their employees.

Increased safety

Fieldworkers various dangers outstanding role type, geographic region, season, and length of time they have been out there. Monitoring of employees with the nature of such work is of utmost importance to the safety and risk prevention company reputation and commitment to safety.

Expanding security in open spaces

Typically, labor-controlled via controllers entry and proximity badges at crossings and works in the same building controlled movements regular. However, in open places and to avoid unnecessary formalities and vagrancy, has monitored the movements of the worker. In addition, the employee leaves the work area with equipment or vehicles, increasing the need for even more control to ensure that the right person leaving with the right equipment.

Harmony Smart system – application to report the presence smartphone


Smart Harmony is actually an app developed by SYNEL Mll Payway Ltd.

The smartphone application is an ideal solution for employees that reporting attendance out of the office. The attendance reporting done through the smartphone or tablet directly to Harmony server.

HARMONY App reporting includes the employee’s image, and its GPS location at the time the employee reported. Region report, however, can be restricted and in accordance with the definition of the employer. Also, workers will be able to issue future absence requests and let the manager approve or reject online.

Harmony Smart system can also control the management of human resources and security, such as opening the gates.

The app available at Google Play and apple App store.

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