Visitor and access management

| 01 August, 2016

Harmony the modular workforce management software has developed by Synel MLL Payway LTD. Synel providing all in one roof complete solution for Time and attendance and access control.

Harmony Access control is very useful module for Employees access control and Visitor Management System.

Harmony visitors Managing visitors permission and visitor hosting contact person details.

When the visitor arrive he will get a temporary card with the permission requested by the manager that sent the invitation.

The benefit of working with Harmony visitors:

  • Visitors report
  • Visitors Access Control permissions settings.
  • Visitors tracking management.
  • Using one Data Base in the organization
  • Managers may send a visitor request with the date and time.
  • On-line system management.
  • Save time and phone calls for daily visitors Management.

Using Harmony visitors allow managers editing, view and control visitors invitation and update the main entrance secretary and guard for the visitors plan.

Beside Harmony visitors there are other useful modules for employees and visitors Badge production and parking management module.

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