Why choosing Linux attendance terminal

| 18 May, 2016

Linux is the most popular operating system, this OS in the market since the mid ‘90s,

Today Linux OS run at many desktops, servers, and embedded systems such as mobile phones, cars, and even industrial machines
This OS become very popular because it is one of the reliable, secure, and operating systems available today.
Linux is a free version the most relauable system of UNIX. Linux source code freely available for any developers and organizations.
Linux OS become very popular, one of the main reason for that is the fact that in the early stage UNIX developed as a research operating system for big organizations such SUN, universities. The other big companies that start developing workstation: HP, IBM, Silicon Graphics, and many other start with UNIX.

Synel MLL PayWay LTD developed the new attendance terminal based on open source Linux software
Today Synergy from Synel is one of the leading open source terminal with fingerprint and camera and wide range of readers.
• EM & HID Prox™, HID iClass™, DesFire™, MiFare™ Card technology.
• Fingerprint Biometric,
• Card + PIN, PIN & Biometrics.


Synergy designed to meet any software house needs, the terminal is very flexible for any developers that would like to implement the Linux based technology with their workforce management software.
The terminal is very flexible and let the software house to build his unique application using Java platform or using Synel Sy-Bridge and build his own application with friendly software.

Synergy terminal developed for internet technology and using the Web-Service it become an online device that communicate with the client server from the moment it was installed and connected to the internet line

Synel Linux-based terminal include:
• Camera that can capture pictures as required.
• Internal speaker with sound effects such as accepted message, alert notifications and events indications.
• TFT graphic color screen
• High memory capacity SD card with up to 4G.