Why reliable time and attendance software is so important

| 20 October, 2016

Following the amendments to the law in recent years, working and rest hours Israeli Wage Protection Law, Time and Attendance software has become a major discourse in many organizations in Israel.

Today there is a duty on employer’s hour records management presence or absence of any employee in the organization to save and present the employee’s attendance data and salary slip. Managing employee time card law became particularly sensitive issue that does not allow calculation mistake. If the data did not save or present in a clear report by the employer, it can cause a large fine or even risk a criminal conviction.

HARMONY T&A from Synel Mall PayWay Ltd – the advanced and accurate employee workforce management, appropriate employee time and attendance data collection, in related to the agreement between the employer and the employee.

HARMONY attendance system enables online working hour’s calculation and export to the payroll the calculation of the total working time.

By using HARMONY from Synel’s, workforce mangers my manage the organization up to 5 levels, according to customer requirements, and modify different reporting and screen view permission.

Synel’s Mall PayWay LTD time and attendance software- HARMONY, enables flexible import and export of files in PDF, Excel (also via email) for the purpose of interfacing with other HR and Payroll systems.

On daily basis HARMONY from Synel allow manual edit, correct and view the employees data payroll interface.

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