Workforce and Employees Scheduling solution

| 18 July, 2016

Employees scheduling software are unique solution that in most of the time are partial solution. Synel Mll Payway LTD the world leading workforce solution developer has developed a unique module that using the employees attendance data base and let the manager using a smart shift scheduling application.

Harmony shift scheduling module let the manager set up schedule days, weeks or months. And even let employees sign in, view and request for absence and break and swap shifts with other workers, in the end of the process let the manager approves the requests.

Employees shift scheduling take lots of time to maintain and demand considering the local working law and considering in the employees request, that make the scheduling very complicate and hard for managers that setting the shifts on weekly or months.

Harmony is one of the few in the world that implement employees scheduling combined with Time and Attendance data, this combination reduce the mistake and time that managers spend.

In many sectors SME and large business doing shift scheduling and each one prefer setting his employees scheduling at the same way they know and always did’ in most of the time they perform mistakes and spend lots of time to complete the shift list that doesn’t meet’s the other departments needs or even interrupting the day rutting of the organization


Harmony scheduling module developed for employees scheduling as part of the global workforce organization management system and share the information with the other departments and the employees in on-line.