Does workforce system can manage Visitors and Parking?

| 02 June, 2016

Many organizations using a local software to manage the Employees and visitors parking area, must of them don’t know that today this feature is available at Harmony software.

Harmony is a modular workforce management software with many important modules and feature for medium to large organizations.

Synel Mll PayWay LTD. Has developed the Harmony with experience of more then 25 years of Managing employees activities and access control, today Synel become the leading company that developed software that can do both time and attendance and access control at the same software with the same database with many useful modules including the  Visitors and Parking Management System.


This module designed especially for:

  • Using the same employee card and data
  • Manager may invite visitors very easily
  • Online system tracking and permission in a single database
  • Multi-client multi user software.
  • Synel Vehicle Access Control System is part of Harmony module, the system is a cost effective solution for small to large companies.
  • Integration with CCTV and Alarm systems
  • Integration with Cars LPR system
  • Wide range of readers.