Workforce cloud special offer

| 17 August, 2016

SYNEL launched Harmony Cloud with the new technology with special offer to a small, medium and large organization. Contact us today get 1 month free of charge. Improve your organization workforce management and move to the Cloud technology. Harmony cloud benefits:

  • Full SAAS
  • Cloud service and Harmony maintenance performed by Synel
  • Powerful software run at any browser
  • No need for server and software operator
  • Friendly and simple to use
  • Useful attendance report
  • Online employee attendance / absence updating
  • Manager approval for employee updated data
  • Export to any kind of pay roll

HARMONY Cloud Internet remote uploading, feeding, control and viewing attendance data. System Advantages:

  • Employees can display and edit attendance data;
  • Managers can approve or deny employees updating request;
  • Department/branch managers are updated online;
  • Periodical email alerts of missing attendance data;
  • Monthly email reminder for data submission

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Time & attendance and Access Control Application Reporting is performed via smartphone or tablet and interfaces directly and fully to SYNEL’s HARMONY system. System Advantages :

  • Reporting includes employee’s photo and location;
  • Various reporting options;
  • Absence request;
  • Flexible planning;
  • Access Control management;

Available for Apple and Android devices. HARMONY smart